Drive Safely and Confidently

Boost your skills in our adult driving classes and lessons in the Waterville, ME area, near Winslow

Maybe you're an anxious driver and you want to feel better when you're on the road. Maybe you want to sharpen your skills to avoid accidents and tickets. If you want to improve your driving abilities after earning your license, turn to Andy's Driving Academy for adult driving lessons.

Our instructors based in Waterville, ME, near Winslow, work with people who are:

  • New to driving in snowy weather
  • Anxious about driving after an accident
  • Facing the risk of losing their license
We provide adult driving classes tailored to each participant's learning style. To get lessons designed for your learning style and driving goals, contact us today. If you're an older driver, you can also contact us for a driving skills evaluation and an update on driving laws.