This is a really good fun class and I did it and I had fun and learned at the same time also you can buy 75-50
cents for water or soda and candy, chips and cookies. Also you only have 10 class and I You get to drive in the Jeep that we use to drive. I hade so much fun and I learned as well

Kiara Warren

Very good experience with Andrea. She listened to her clients and was accommodating when scheduling classes and driving times. Highly recommend Andy's Driving School.

Liz Goggin

Andy's driving academy was different from what I thought it would be like. When I was younger my brother went to drivers Ed and he didn't like it at all, in his class he was only reading word for word. But with Andy's driving academy you do more than just reading for 3 hours. From my classes I've taken we have done projects like slide shows, watched videos of many things you will learn when taking any driving Ed classes. We got into groups and did presentatiots that were fun and interesting on what other people had to say. When I first came in to meat the person that would be teaching us I was scared but they both where really out going and I felt more comfortable talking with them than I usually don't talk that much. They make sure that you can understand everything that they are staying and come up with was that will work with you and how you learn. Even if you do exterior activities after school their is still classes on the weekend that can work for people that have things to do. I've loved going to Andy's driving academy, it has seen fun and it is nice to know more people that is going though that same thing you are.

Kalet Warren